Cross Aventura review.



This, of course, is the Cross Aventura. This is the worst pen ever made and sold widely. I’ll tell you my story.

So, about 2 weeks ago, I bought two Cross Aventuras from Staples because I found them for $15 in store. Mother of god. Never again. I wrote this out in fifteen minutes before I returned both of them for being the worst pens I’ve ever used of all time ever. I was desperately upset because I’d had Cross rollerballs before and they were very good. I knew Cross didn’t make no crap. Except for this pen. This pen is crap crap.


 Performance: 4/10. It only didn’t scratch if you write right to left, and skipped in the middle of words.

Appearance: 6/10. Looks good from far away. Only.

Build quality: 1/10. Abysmal. I felt like I was holding something at the level of a dollar store pen. I own some Hero pens that cost me less than $3 shipped from eBay. They put this pen to shame.

Refilling: 3/10. No possibility of converter. Technically, no converter works with it, though it can be modified to accept the green push converter.

Value: 3/10. It only cost me $13.50, but retail price I put it up against a close competitor, the Parker Urban, which is using a nib from a $10 pen. The Urban is not a great pen, but it blows this one out of the metaphorical water.

Conclusion: 1.7/10. Don’t buy it. No, that’s not an average. This pen is more than the sum of its parts. It’s drastically bad.

Now, for more detail.

Both of the abominations next to a Parker Urban pen, a pen close in price point.

A size comparison.

The pen in its natural habitat: about to be returned to the store. It came with black carts, and that’s it.


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