I was on The Pen Addict podcast!

Entitled “The Worst Review of All Time,” my interview went up Thursday.

I’ve gotten praise and crap from people, so I’ll let it sit for a weekend and we’ll see what the consensus is, then I’ll do a new blog post as an overview. Here’s the MP3.


6 thoughts on “I was on The Pen Addict podcast!

  1. I just read your blog for the first time and have bookmarked it. Your approach and attitude is unique for the pen blogosphere. Specifically, you focus on affordable pens that readers can afford to try out. (And, let’s face it, a $500 Nakaya had better write well; we know this without being told.) More importantly, you offer stark (and, hence, more valid) takes on pens, without trying to cultivate relationships with manufacturers. In short, you’ve started a blog that many of us have been waiting for. Thanks, and best of luck.

      • If so, it seems to me that you have a good starting point for any review. Any outfit that refuses to sponsor you because you’re honest about crappy pens is most likely admitting guilt and acknowledging that the make a lot of junk. Carry on with resolve.

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